General Superintendent

Reverend Christopher Anang is currently serving as the Interim General Superintendent of WWM Cameroon.

Christopher was born in 1963 into a family of eight and was raised in Muyuka. Christopher surrendered his life to serve Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1989. He was married to his lovely wife, Angelica, in 1995 and they are blessed with four children; three girls and a boy.

Christopher received his primary education in Muyuka and Buea and completed his secondary education in Buea as well. He also attended the Vocational School of Evangelism and Missions in Mpundu in 1991 and has completed three years of his degree at the Center for Biblical Studies.

Christopher has served as the main leader of the Church in Malende and was installed as the pastor of Ndop assembly where he initiated the opening of the Primary School in Ndop. He was ordained in 1998 and served as North West Area Pastor. Christopher also initiated the opening of World Wide Missions Primary School Mile 14 Likoko in 2013.

Christopher delights himself in serving the Lord and has made it his goal to see the vision of the founder of World Wide Missions come to pass in Cameroon.

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