Teachers and Schools

Bearl and Virginia Smalldridge founded World Wide Missions Secondary School Cameroon in 1969 which became the largest secondary school in West Cameroon for the five and a half years that they were the proprietors of the school. The current Director of World Wide Missions Cameroon (WWMC), Jon Smalldridge, was only eight years old when his parents began the school. Jon watched the school grow from 15 students to over 500 students during those five years in the early 1970′s.

During a visit to Cameroon in 2005, Jon became aware that the secondary school was shut down and many of the original churches had closed or dispersed. Several of the local people, pastors and villagers were jubilant to see Jon after so many years and expressed their desire for him to help with the restructuring of the missions. After several months of prayer and seeking after God’s direction Jon agreed to assist and he was appointed as the World Wide Missions National Director.

In September 2008 the secondary school in Mpundu was reopened with the assistance of Richard Ayuk.

More to come about the Schools and Teachers in the near future.

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